Kapow’s now built for a corporate culture

KELLY Powell has had a permanent smile on her face for three weeks. That’s what happens when you win a business-defining tender.

Her Kapow’s Cleaning Services business, which she operates with husband Jamee, has won the contract to clean the call centre and offices of Stellar in Maroochydore Homemaker Centre.

The contract, which began on January 14, means cleaning windows, reception and kitchen areas as well as vacuuming and emptying rubbish bins five nights a week.

It has created one casual job, and will more than likely create at least one or two more this year.

It has also set up her 18-month- old business, which was previously just a husband-and -wife operation, for a growth explosion.

“This type of contract puts you on the map,” she said.

“I am absolutely stoked. I am still smiling and it’s been three weeks.

“We are super excited about the potential of where this could take us.

“We will need another person soon to cover holidays and sick leave.

“So I suspect Stellar will open up a whole new world for us in the way of contracts, and I have staff waiting and ready to go.”

Mrs Powell was strategic about the tender process, viewing it as a learning opportunity even if she didn’t win and thoroughly preparing to deliver a stand-out application.

“If you want to do something, give it a go,” she said.

“The worse case is you don’t win, but at least you’ve been through a good exercise.

“I didn’t go in thinking I was going to do a cleaning quote. I researched Stellar before I met their operations manager to find out their culture and what they do.

“I treated my meeting as a job interview and not as a quotation process.

“Stellar is exactly the market I want to get into – I want to specialise in call centre and small-to-medium business cleaning.

“We want to develop that corporate culture.” The Powells initially took on cleaning for some extra cash but could end up leaving their jobs to focus on the growing business.

She said she made use of advice and support from her accountant and Geoff Peters, from the council, when completing the tender process.

“Geoff Peters was there 24-7 for me. He directed me to various places on the council website (businessezy.com.au), which gives you such a great insight into everything you need to be thinking about.

“It is easy to read and to understand.”

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